How to sell real estate?

To sell your property quickly, you have to estimate it at the right price and highlight its strengths to create a crush among potential buyers.
To sell quickly and well…

Selling your property is not trivial and you can be subject to delays, especially if you plan to move and buy a new home. To avoid an extension of the sale time, it is recommended to prepare and follow some advice in order to quickly arouse the crush of visitors, and sell quickly at the best price:

  • Perform technical diagnostics.
  • Showcase the assets of your home.
  • Choose a neighborhood real estate agency.
  • Be realistic when setting the selling price.
  • Formalize the real estate sale with a pre-contract.
  • Find out how to sell your apartment.

Carry out the technical diagnostics of your home
As the seller, you are required to provide a certain number of documents, and in particular a technical diagnostic file. These diagnoses are mandatory both in the case of the sale of an apartment and a house, but the list depends on the type of property in question. For example, you will have to carry out the following real estate diagnostics:

  • The risk of exposure to lead.
  • The state of asbestos.
  • The presence of termites.
  • The state of the interior gas and electricity installation.
  • The state of “risk” easements and information on soils (ESRIS).
  • Soil pollution.
  • Energy performance.

Showcase your accommodation
The objective of each visit is simple: your accommodation must arouse the crush. To achieve this objective, no secret, it is necessary to ventilate the rooms, spaces, remove furniture and excessively bulky objects and also make it as neutral as possible in order to allow visitors to project themselves. So also remove excessively personal objects and photos, and make the decoration as neutral as possible. Ideally, it is also better to repaint the walls white and repair or replace what can be repaired: a faulty doorbell, the joints in the bathroom, filling the holes left by the screws in the walls. Future buyers should feel that they only have their bags left to put down.

Choose a local agency that knows the neighborhood well
Going through a real estate agent is the assurance that your home has optimal visibility. The real estate agent will publish an ad on different sites, offer a visit to your home to people looking for it, negotiate with them on your behalf, and promote it. It is important to choose a neighborhood agency located nearby. On the one hand, because visitors will not be reluctant to come and visit your accommodation, even if this visit was not planned. And on the other hand, because the real estate agent has an excellent knowledge of the district real estate market, he can therefore inform buyers about its specificities, about shops and transport nearby, and thus influence their choice.

Set a realistic selling price, in line with the market
The real estate agent knows very precisely the real estate market of the city, of the district, knows how to recognize the strengths and the weak points of a dwelling. He will be able to explain to you how to put it forward and how you can improve it during the visits. It will also estimate the value of your home with great precision, taking into account a multitude of parameters as varied as the location of the property, its surface, its orientation, the layout of the rooms, the presence of a parking space. parking, proximity to transport, shops, and other amenities, dilapidated coatings, age of the electrical system, the presence of a CMV, etc. In short, estimating the price of real estate is a profession and the real estate agent offers you a fair and correct price., which is its actual value and the price at which buyers will be willing to buy it. Don’t try to over-price the real estate agent’s estimate, just allow yourself a little leeway so you can negotiate with potential buyers.

Formalize the sale of your property
A buyer has made you an offer and you are finished negotiating the price. It is now a matter of formalizing the sale of real estate by signing an offer to buy or sell with the buyer, which will set out the precise conditions of the sale, the price, and the identity of the two parties. After this offer, you will have to sign a preliminary contract, namely one or other of the following contracts:

  • A unilateral promise to sell which only binds the seller.
  • A unilateral promise to purchase which only binds the buyer.
  • A sales agreement that commits both parties.