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Manage Your Whole Church - Grow Your Church Today...Everyone has a mobile phone. Your church mobile app is the best way to engage your congregation anytime, anywhere.

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Extend beyond the Sunday mornings and the four walls of your church. We have brought together all of the top features that your church app must have:

  • Livestreaming
  • Radio
  • Events
  • Devotionals
  • Notifications
  • Notes
  • Multi-version bible
  • Audio/Video Messages
  • Subscription plans to watch videos or listen to audio messages.
  • App comes with 7 different bible versions namely KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NIT, MESSAGE and NRSV versions.

Comes with social network features, where members can interact, share images and videos and follow and chat with each other.

Church apps are small piece of software that’s downloaded to your smart-devices from the app stores. As we know everybody has a smart-device. Church app allow members to connect in new ways. They can listen to sermons, view live streaming, receive messages and much more.

The Feature

Video & Audio Sermon

Comes with a clean, functional and powerful video/Audio player for members to watch or listen to church sermons right on their devices.


Stream or broadcast live video/audio sermons directly to your members device using our Livestream/Radio Widget.

Daily Devotionals

Members can easily access your church daily devotionals right on their mobile phones. A smartphone app lets you share videos or audio of sermons and your daily devotionals. If you pass out a bulletin or announcements during service, you can give those that are unable to attend access to those from the mobile app. 


With a smartphone app, your members are able to donate at any time and from wherever they want. They don’t have to physically be at the church to donate which helps your members to give more frequently. It also enables those who aren’t able to attend church services to give. With a smartphone app, you can send reminders for fundraising.

Church Events

Keep everyone up-to-date with your church events, date, time and venue.

Firebase push notification

With Firebase Cloud Messaging, you can send notification messages to your church members.


Members can take down notes during sermons and can always access it anytime.

Multiple Bible Versions

App comes with 7 different bible versions namely KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NIT, MESSAGE and NRSV versions.

Declassyweb Church App Support

Declassyweb Church app strongly believes your ministry should not have to focus on technical issues. Your ministry should be able to focus on teaching, helping the community and spreading the word of God. This is why our technical support is available 365 days a year by email or phone.

Share the gospel, engage your church, and fuel your mission with The Church App

All of the top features your church app must have: Audio/Video Sermons, Livestreaming, Radio, Events, Devotionals, Notifications, Notes, multi-version bible and social network.

Stay connected with your community anytime, anywhere with a custom mobile app for your church! Every app is fully integrated across Platform, a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that helps churches to expand their reach and grow their giving.

What our customers are saying:

Start a church sermon app for your church...

Excellent customer services and product. I Highly recommend him and his team. They have nice ideas to help us create the Church app. Declassyweb was a pleasure to work with. Reliable, professional, communicates well, technically sound, very smart and adds value to the project in many ways. I highly recommend him.


Start a church sermon app for your church...

Declassyweb was very prompt in his responses and took direction well. I couldn't be better, I'm thoroughly satisfied. Highly Motivated. He was very patient and understanding. He continued to provide us with new ideas and make adjustments swiftly, until we were satisfied with the end result.


The complete solution for church engagement

Engaging your church community through one centralized, powerful, and simple-to-use system is crucial for expanding your reach and growing your community. That's why we built the Platform—to give you a single place to connect with your community anytime, anywhere.

Receive Offering, Tithes & Donation

Increase donations to your church through your mobile app. You’ll keep more of your church’s gifts thanks to the industry’s lowest processing rates and no monthly or hidden fees.

  1. 1
    A complete giving system that will increase tithes and offerings by making online giving for your church simple while also allowing members to donate directly from your church App
  2. 2
    Brand Your Church Donation Form. Take control of you church donation form and online giving experience by putting your church brand in the forefront so members and others looking to support you feel confident in making an online donation.
  3. 3
    Track Bank Deposits, Reconcile Giving and Easily Integrate Accounting Tools

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Start a church sermon app for your church ...

Another great design! I really like the effort and the great communication. He never stop designing until you are satisfied. Again, try his works and you will be amazed.


Start a church sermon app for your church...

Very responsive, great design. Overall it was a very good experience and well worth the money. Thanks a lot really appreciate the effort and work. .I am very much satisfied and looking to work with him in future too. Thank you for completing my order with in time and for your excellent understanding and quality of work.

PASTOR Peter Dawson

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  • 24 hours a day Broadcast
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Player
  • Radio

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  • 24 hours a day Broadcast
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Player
  • Radio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to deploy for my church, How do i get started?

Simple as send us a mail using the contact form below, we reply instantly with what you need to get started. We do not collect any payment from you till we have gone half-way deploying your app.

How long before my app is deployed?

It normally takes 3 to 7 working days. If its your first android app, it will take an extra week for google to review your app and publish it. IOS apps varies, and might take upto 2 weeks.

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