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Declassyweb Hospital Management software is a complete Hospital Appointment and Record Management for doctors, nurses, patients, laboratists, Receptionists, accountant, pharmacist. It helps patients to book their doctor appointment easily at any point of time. Using Declassyweb Hospital Management software you can build, manage and track all your patient records such as personal information, medical reports, medication, visit history, clinical notes, patient history, and other notes. Appointments for your patients can be easily managed using Declassyweb Hospital Management software. All your patient medical records will be available for you to look at it immediately. So no more juggling through papers to see the previous history of your patients, everything is readily available for your diagnosis. Declassyweb Hospital Management software is all-from-one-source. You need not require any expensive or complicated software and hardware to manage your patients’ health records. Declassyweb Hospital Management software lets you can manage all your electronic medical record (EMR) very easily.

Declassyweb Hospital Management software uses latest technology and  administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. This is designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes.

 Hospital Management System software automates processes including Hospital billing, Hospital appointments, Hospital scheduling, Hospital regulatory compliance and Hospital financial auditing within healthcare management software.

Declassyweb Hospital Management software is Modern and Complete Hospital Automation Software that suites to almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It includes 25+ modules with 8 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Receptionist and Patient) panel.

The Feature Highlights

1. Doctor Database

2. Patients Database

3. Prescription Management

4. Appointment Management

5. Human Resource Database

6. Patient’s detail history

7. Hospital Accounting

8. Financial Reporting

9. Pharmacy Management

10. Schedule Management for Doctors

11. Patient Payment History

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Manage all your Hospital operations any where any time

The establishment and improvement of doctor-patient interaction system is a very important requirement, especially now when the communication technology is developing rapidly. The advantages of web can be made full use of to make up the time and distance gap between doctors and patients and to provide fast and adequate medical services. Through the connection between user terminals and specific service, both doctors and patients are able to obtain required data to achieve a better interaction. The platform, Web services and database technology are all gradually maturing, so that we can develop a doctor- patient interaction system on web application platform to meet the needs of the patient and provide doctors more efficient and convenient   means of communication with patients.

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The #1 web based Hospital Management System Software for Hospitals, Clinics and Specialists. Automate core hospital processes, Saves time, resources, and improves the quality of patient care.

The Hospital Management Software System or Hospital Information system (HIS) helps medical Hospitals/Medical Institutions/professionals keep track of everything and perform daily work smoothly.

Such a system can do multiple tasks like scheduling appointments, keep track of inventory, manage patient records, and a lot more just by few clicks.

Advantage of The Hospital Management System

There are several advantages of the hospital management software system. They are increased efficiency, time-saving, secured, cost-effective, easy tracking, improved patient care, and much more. Here are some of the benefits of HMS which are stated below: -

  • Accessible Patient's History: HMS or Hospital Information system (HIS) allows you to access all of a patient's data with only a few mouse clicks, such as the visual patient history, current ailment, professionals involved, lab results, payment details, and much more. In addition, these data will aid in connecting the patient's dots, such as particular diagnosis, associated therapy, and medication.
  • Data Security: By utilizing HMS at your hospital, you can ensure that all patient data is kept entirely secure. A small number of authorized employees can only access it. With HMS, information is saved on the webserver or in the cloud and is kept safe by protecting login details.
  • Pocket-Friendly: HMS saves hospital time and money by reducing the number of workers employed on the manual data input and paperwork system. In addition, its installation will reduce the amount of human help in the design, therefore reducing human-caused mistakes.
  • Easy Management: Hospital administrators may manage their resources available, assess employee work, prevent equipment maintenance, improve the supply chain, and so on. Another point to note is that medical personnel deal with digital data rather than excessive documentation.
  • Improves Patient Care: Because the clinic management system is focused on the patient, the treatment procedure might be less stressful. Doctors have more time to examine patients and engage with them. Furthermore, all needed information is available online.
  • Process Improvisation: Medicine is becoming more digital as a result of digitalization. People visit doctors through video conferences, prescribe medications, and deliver them to their homes; all of this occurs without a personal touch. Thus, we may infer that HMS has enhanced the medical sector.

Hospital Management Software Features

Hospital Management Software Features include billings, prescriptions, appointments, labs, and many more. Let's look at them one by one:

  • Bill Management: Separate costs for treatments, testing laboratories, and diagnostics are tough to keep and monitor. Therefore, including the billing system in your facility will help you do so. You can get personalized payment dues alerts as well.
  • Prescription Management: With the Prescription Management feature, you can easily track the commonly used medicines and their availability. In addition, you can avoid wrong medications through digital prescriptions.
  • Appointment Management: You can quickly book appointments for patients using HMS software. As a result, patients may make appointments at their preferred time, improving convenience and saving time.
  • Lab Management: With HMS, you can handle your orders, generate reports automatically, and activate intelligent notifications. Additionally, using an online Hospital management system, you can switch to analytical reporting.
  • Accounting: The accounting module organizes both customers' and the medical institution's financial affairs. It saves and displays all patient payment information and hospital financial data on costs and total profit.

I started working with this hospital software many years ago. It is a practical and useful tool for health managers. It brings significant time savings for managers and allows quick rectification of schedules. At present, this tool fully meets our needs, and a technical team is in place to respond effectively to our requests.


One of the biggest problems that the Software solves right away. It is a problem of doctors and support staff having to fill out paper forms with patient demographic information again and again. During the patient visit. With the System, this time-consuming and repetitive task is now a thing of the past. Doctors and nurses have achieved a 30-40% increase in direct patient treatment time due to not having to fill out paper forms.


For our 98-bed nursing home, we previously used a spreadsheet to manage the work that was no longer suitable. So we looked for Hospital Management software to meet our operating needs. When they presented its software to us. We were pleasantly surprised by its user-friendliness, which reminded us of our current system. We quickly understood that it could bring us much more. This Software is well constructed and is also provided by professional help. Thank you.


Control your hospital's performance in real time!

We have integrated business intelligence reports for you to keep track of your hospital's performance. You no longer need to hire a specialist to help you create or understand your statistics. Everything you need is in Declassyweb Hospital Management software!

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of administration and the management of your hospital, and take part in the digital revolution. Look no further than our Next-Gen HMIS SoftwareDeclassyweb Hospital Management software.


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Admin Portal Features

Manage all the modules, billing, reports, create new user roles & accounts and much more

Patient Portal Features

Book appointment, make payment, view clinical information and much more

Doctor Portal Features

Manage patient treatment, prescriptions, scheduling appointments, tasks and much more

Staff Portal Features

Portal for each staff role - Receptionist, Pharmacist, Accountant

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