Project Title

This is a e-commerce store in USA. They have different range of products from Cars, Home & Accessories, Games with lots of others products.

Declassyweb Works with them to build a fully functional e-commerce store that make checkout easy for their customers.

The Brief

Instant Results
Search results are updated as you type, providing you with potential options and saving your visitor the hassle of multiple search entries. Retain users and minimize your bounce rate by providing a user experience they can’t find anywhere else.
Classic Searches
Create a classic search form that redirects visitors to the dedicated page with a list of all your available properties. Save some space on your homepage and display any other information you want clients to see about you, your company, testimonials or special offers.
Globally Adaptable
Translate text into any language, change currencies and switch between the imperial and metric system.
  • Date : 19.07.2020
  • Client : ONE250
  • Category : E-commerce
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